Email Marketing Quiz

Welcome to your Email Marketing Quiz

What is Email marketing?
Marketers who are good at email marketing can connect with their customer in a highly targeted way.
It’s an effective way to keep customers informed …..
This list is used for one person or group can send mailing to group of people.
Spam filters catch bulk marketing emails.
It is used to allow a group of people to discuss topic amongst themselves .
Which is not growing Email List?
People can sign up to an email list in places other than an email capture from.
This is the main part to clean your list from bad, dead email addresses.
Segmentation is the part of email marketing?
Email metrics can help you understand their respective workloads.
It is an easy way to reach mobile customers.
Which is the best time to send EMAIL?
If you want to attract your customers and are doing email marketing for your business, you need to focus on ………?
How much time salespeople spend an average of --------------- hrs. per week on email?
CTRs Stand for
This is especially useful if you are trying to close more sales with a particular client or prospective client.
---------- annoying interferes with your productivity.
Which is not good for your email marketing campaign?
Total Email conversion is NOT take any action by one of your site visitors and one that leads your organization to more revenue.

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