Digital Marketing Quiz

Welcome to your Digital Marketing Quiz

1) What is marketing?
Effective marketing requires?
It’s used by marketer to attract people who perform searches that imply they’re interested in learning about a particular industry.
Digital marketing also known as?
Which marketing use the online platform to promote the product and services of our company.
SEO is most important part of which marketing?
SMS marketing can very effective for real estate, ----------- And ----------------.
Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy where marketing is done using-----------.
Marketing automation is future of ---------?
What is the 5 Ds Digital marketing?
------------------ is the second largest search engine after Google.
----------------- is when the marketing activities are undertaken in a conventional fashion.
----------------------- is method of paying to post sponsored.
E-mail marketing is a very effective medium for------------------.
Instagram is part of the ----------- network only.
In ------------, 120 million instagrammers visited a website , got direction , called , emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.
-------------- Creating and publishing all kinds of videos that entertain and educate their core customer.
----------- are no longer exclusive to the individual writer.
SEO is part of inbound marketing and ------------------------.
According to Instagram, ---------- of people say they discover new products on the platform.

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